Follow-Up to “Rape Punishable By Death”

In a follow-up to a story out of South Africa concerning the gang rape of a young girl, it must be noted that there is thankfully, outrage in South Africa.  Although four minors involved in the rape have been released on bail, they will not be returning home out of fear for their safety.  That’s what I call Justice.  Those animals should fear for their safety.  They should understand the fear that she felt as they were violating her.  In fact fear for their safety is a greater punishment than incarceration.  The accused adults in this case will not be released on bail.  They will next be seen at their trials.  The only way the world will ever become truly civilized is if the vast majority of decent people stand up for those not able to stand up for themselves.  It must be noted however, that human beings are absolutely not equal in many ways.  I for one could never hit a 90mph fastball but there are men making many millions of dollars doing just that.  There was only one Albert Einstein.  And not everyone can be as attractive as Jennifer Aniston.  People are not all the same.  However, everyone in this world should have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; American founding principles that are true and just.  This young woman was afforded none of these.  When these animals are convicted, (and I understand innocent until proven guilty as well as anyone) South Africa will have taken a major step toward civility.  In additon, it will have set an example for the world that the gang rape of women is unacceptable and that perpetraters will be dealt with harshly and to the full extent of the law.  On a side note, I still believe that the dealth penalty in this case should be an option for the jury if the accused are convicted.

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