Warren Weinstein Kidnapped in Pakistan

The case of Warren Weinstein is upsetting but not unbelievable.  A man of seventy has no business working there.  In fact no American has any business being there.  If the decision is made to do so, then you travel and/or work there at your own risk.  Don’t ask the President to do something that is absolutley not possible in order to save your life.  It doesn’t matter how much money he was making.  It’s simply common sense.  Couldn’t he see this coming?  It boggles the mind, the stupidity of some people.  Now he is asking for President Obama to meet his kidnappers(presumably al Queda’s) demands.  Of course the President isn’t going to do that so Mr Weinstein looks to be in all kinds of trouble.   Pakistani’s come to the US because they know how absolutely corrupt their government officials tend to be.  Your safety can not be guaranteed so why go there.  Our sympathy should go out to Mr. Weinstein and his family but he made a bad call.  It may not be nice, but it’s the truth.

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