Chicago NATO Summit-Protests or Hooliganism

Time and time again we see protesters in the streets attempting violence and when the other side responds, they cry foul.  The NATO summit in Chicago is a perfect example.  There is absolutely not wrong with protesting.  On the contrary, it should be encouraged.  It is one of our founding constitutional principles.   The Constitution would not have been ratified in all likelihood without it.  However, when groups, mobs, thugs, take the freedom to the next and dangerous level, the authorities have every right to keep order, protect themselves and the other citizens peacefully protesting.  Whenever I see angry, violent protesters it makes me think, “Is this what the people who support a cause are looking for”?  “Isn’t he, she, they as scary as the people or cause they are protesting against”?  What made Gandhi and King so credible is that they fought for a cause but absolutely abhorred  violence.  That’s why their messages resonated so strongly with so many.  The true seekers of Freedom and Justice should speak out against those who wish to turn the protests into some violent revolution.  But of course they can’t because they fear the repercussions as well, which is even more reason why these hooligans need to be brought to justice.

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