Etan Patz An Important Lesson

The Etan Patz case, while extremely tragic teaches us a lesson that all parents should learn from.  While most of us want our children to have a certain amount of freedom and responsibility, it is up to us to protect them.  We don’t want to frighten them but we do need to prepare them.  Every parent knows his or her child.  Some children are more trusting than others.   Every child is different.  But one fact remains, if a child is abducted by a stranger, the chances of ever seeing that child alive again is under 5%.  In Florida it’s 3%.  I have trained with many members of law enforcement over the years and I have trained hundreds of children, including my own, and the most important thing that our children need to be taught is if he or she is approached by a stranger to scream and yell as loudly as they can.  The child must get the attention of other people.  Tell your child to scream “Stranger”.  Our children must understand that he or she is never to leave with a stranger even if told that he is taking he/she to see mommy.  Again, you don’t want your child to be frightened of their ever-expanding world but you don’t want to leave them defenseless either.  A word to the wise.

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