The Direction of Egypt Following Mubarak’s Life Sentence

Before we become too caught up in the Mubarak life sentence handed down by the Egyptian court, let’s examine the big picture.  Mubarak was a brutal dictator and if you were against him you were certainly in danger, in jail, or dead.  But if you were a supporter, all was right with the world.   At the very least you lived your life, staying away from controversy and playing by the rules.  Isn’t that the way all non-democratic societies work?  Interestingly, after the verdict was read, there were skirmishes between Mubarak’s supporters and opponents.  But one thing that must be kept in mind is that his opponents are not flower children who are looking for peace and harmony, the dawn of Aquarius.  Instead, the opponents are also brutal dictators who, until last year, were unable to wrestle up enough support and force, to overthrow him.  Thirty years are a pretty good run for a dictator these days.  Now that the so-called elections are completed, let’s see what happens internally.  I don’t think you need to be a mind reader in this case to realize what awaits the Egyptian people is another brutal dictator.  Building a tradition of democracy is very difficult especially when dealing with a religion that is so restrictive.   Unbending ideology is both dangerous and persuasive.  And never forget this, the battle to rule non-democratic societies is singly based on a battle to control the resources for personal gain, plainly stated, “The Wealth”.  It’s never about principle or religion.  This is a golden opportunity for the Egyptian people but if it turns out as I suspect, let us understand that they want it this way.

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