Toronto Eaton Centre Shooting A Sign of the Times in Toronto

Michael Moore is probably blaming the violence in the Eaton Centre shopping Mall in Toronto on the US gun problem.  But the fact is, over the last several years, gun violence in Canada has been on the rise.  I am not talking simple statistics, I am talking about the number of guns on the streets and violence in the news.  Toronto is a great city with great people and great diversity.  However, there are neighborhoods within walking distance of the downtown corridor that you would not want to walk through late at night.  That is obviously the case in any large city but Toronto is also one of the fastest growing cities in North America and as the number of residents grows so will the amount of violence.  However, Toronto residents have largely failed to recognize the growing problem.  There is a naiveté in Canada about guns and violence and almost an arrogance about the violence in the US.  Kind of like “that’s a US problem”.  There was a time in Toronto I have been told, when people didn’t lock their doors at night.  That of course is no longer the case.  It’s time for the residents of  Toronto to recognize the growing problem and to search for remedies before it’s too late.  Eaton Centre is a miserable mall and a place  I avoid when visiting Toronto.  It is a prime location for violence, not just shootings but muggings, assault, battery etc. and this will certainly not be the last time something like this happens.  On a side note, I have been Traveling to Toronto on business for years and have made hundreds of trips.  One of the handfull of times I have ever had to defend myself in the street happened only a few blocks from Eaton Centre.  I speak from experience.

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