President Obama’s Greatest Flaw Lack of Communication

Has there ever been another President who is so ill-defined as our current President?  It’s almost impossible not to like President Obama.  He is a wonderful orator.  But more than three years in to his term, I am still unsure as to what he stands for.  No one prior to or since President Reagan and President Clinton could hold a candle to him in terms of his ability to deliver a speech.  It’s just that the country has felt leaderless for the past three years for lack of a better phrase.  He got off to a fast start and then about a year and a half in he started campaigning.  He has done a great job of finding and killing militants, no doubt.  But what is he doing to fix the economy,  or to repair our infrastructure?  One can say that Congress is divided and so on, but if he had a real plan to lay out in front of the American people, which is what he said he would do, he would win support thereby forcing Congress to Act.  He doesn’t understand how to do that.  For a President who promised transparency, he has been as secretive as any President who has ever served.  To this day maybe one person has read and understood the Healthcare Reform Act.  It is impossible to read and even more impossible to understand.  If his healthcare program had been spelled out in great detail so that we all could understand the details, it might have warranted more support.  Conceptually we all understand the need for change in healthcare but ignorance is not bliss in this case.  This President can be defined as the great communicator who doesn’t communicate.  All campaigns are simply tag lags surrounded by fluff, but he is President.  He shouldn’t have that luxury at this point.  He should be in the White House working.  Today is the second time this week he has delayed my travel.  The first was on the tarmac in Baltimore on Tuesday.  What that tells me is either he’s following me, or he’s not spending enough time in his office.  If the economy was improving more quickly and he was hard at work, all of this fundraising and campaigning would be far less crucial.  Unfortunately, it appears  we can expect more of the same as we head in to the general election.

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