Egyptian Election and Military Rule

At first glance it appears that Egypt, even afer a so-called democratic election, will be governed by military rule.  This normally would be considered a bad thing but not necessarily in this case.  In countries with no history of democracy, what often happens is the military leaders decide not to relinquish power.  Why would they?  Afterall, whoever controls the monopoly over the techniques of violence, controls the resources.  This is what gives any government its legitimacy.  What made this country so unique in its founding is that the President was also awarded the position of Commander and Chief.  The President doesn’t answer to the military.  What appears to be happening in Egypt is the military is holding on to power until all of the pieces of government are established.  There seems to be a distrust of the brotherhood even though the apparent winner of the election, Mohamed Morsi stated that “there will be a civil, patriotic, democratic, constitutional and modern state”.  If the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is simply overseeing the democratic exchange of power to civil authority, it would be the first of its kind anywhere in the Arab World.  Only time will tell how this plays out but there is a sense the military rulers understand the importance of keeping the country from falling back in to either Despotic or hardline Islamist rule.  For the sake of the entire middle east, I hope I’m correct.

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