Ju Jitsu Gentle Way

If you speak to any number of Judo and Ju Jitsu Martial Artists they will probably tell you what drew them to the art was seeing small men throwing around much larger men.  To explain this in greater detail, Dr Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, spoke in terms of force.  This applies to boxing as well to a large degree.  If you are standing in front of a man who has a force of 10 and you have a force of 7, there is no way you can beat him force against force.  A 10 must beat a 7 because of the physical difference in strength.  Mike Tyson was a great example of this principle.  If he was a force of 10 the 37 men he fought prior to the James Buster Douglas fight were considerably less than that.  Tyson could not lose due to his overwhelming punching power which was too much to deal with punch for punch.  Then came James Buster Douglas.  He came in to the fight with an entirely different approach.  He was moving, jabbing, sticking, moving, jabbing, holding and he negated Tyson’s 10 for the majority of the fight until he got caught with a huge uppercut in round 8.  When he went back to his original strategy in round 9, he ended the fight.  Larry Holmes had the right idea as well but was too old and got caught.  That’s why, very often, the most exciting fights are when both have equal force and stand toe to toe, neither fighter giving an inch.  In Ju Jitsu, it’s a lot different because we are allowed to grab, throw, strike, strangle, execute joint locks etc.  It provides a tremendous advantage over your opponent, even much larger opponents, providing you execute properly.  In Judo we break balance by pulling, pushing, using speed to get your opponent off-balance and then execute any number of techniques.  In Ju Jitsu we do the same thing but we can strike which gives you a distinct advantage in combat.  The purpose of breaking balance is using your opponent’s force against them.  Taking the earlier example, if my opponent is a 10 and I am a 7, I need to absorb, and redirect his force to add it to my 7.  If I can do this and use even force 3 of his 10, I will win the battle 10 to 7.  Over the next period of months, I will show Judo and Ju Jitsu techniques building on the previous weeks demonstrations to show this in practice.  Important note: you can not truly learn a martial art by looking at a video.  You must experience it for real.  I tell my students, the first time you get punched or kicked in the face can not be out in the street.  No one knows how they will react in combat until they experience combat.  Ju Jitsu is a combative martial art and real life experience in a dojo, is the only way to become proficient.  The posts I will present will simply be additions to your training or for those who are curious.  Domo Origato.

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