Attitude Affects One’s Perspective

In 1971 the Carpenters took a song to #2 on the pop charts called, “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down”.  Millions of people related to that phrase but in truth, Monday got a bad rap.  Why should Mondays get us down?  What if we turned that around and said, Monday is the start of a new week and the possibilities are endless.  Monday is another day in our lives, that once ended, can’t be  re-lived.  Each day should be considered important and precious.  If it’s sunny when we leave for work, we need to appreciate that, as simple as it seems.  Live everyday like it’s Saturday night.  If we change the way we think, there is no end to the quality of life one can attain without ever changing once’s circumstances.  A positive attitude can and does change your mood.  Living each day instead of rushing to the weekend, makes the week not only more bearable, but enjoyable.   Did you ever wake up in the morning and say, I am going to change something, one thing in my life?  Most of us never do, especially as we grow older.  We get more and more set in our ways.  That is the very definition of old age; the inability to change.  This is how we always did it.  Seven horrible words.  We get comfortable and complacent.  I suggest a different approach.  Assuming one has their health, a roof over their head, food to eat and all of the other basic human needs, how bad are things really?  We spend so much time thinking and striving for all of the things we don’t have, we don’t take time to appreciate all of the things we do.  Zen addresses not dwelling in the past or looking too far in to the future because if we do, it makes it difficult to focus on the present.  It may never get someone the Ferrari they want or the 10,000 square foot house, but it can improve the quality of one’s life by focussing on the positives, while not necessarily accepting one’s fate.  As human beings we should never stop striving but not to the point of dissatisfaction.  The quality and happiness of our lives, assuming health and the other essentials I mentioned, is simply a matter of changing how we view the world.  A positive perspective, glass half full as opposed to half empty approach, is an important first step in finding true happiness.

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