Obama Bain Attack Meant to Draw Attention Away From #1 Issue

At this point, it appears Mitt Romney has satisfactorily explained his ties to Bain Capital even after he left in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Olympics.  Although his name remained attached to Bain as the principle shareholder, he played absolutely no role in running the company, so this issue needs to be put to bed.  A number of independent sources have verified this, both Republican and Democratic.  But the Obama campaign can’t seem to let it go, holding on to it, the way an alcoholic holds on to his drink.  It’s an act of desperation because the campaign needs something, an issue, to deflect the ongoing criticism of the economy.  President Obama stated before taking office that if he didn’t manage to fix the economy three years in to his Presidency, he didn’t deserve a second term.  Of course those were just words and I am sure he believed them when he stated them.  But they are now on the record and he should be held accountable for them.  The President was adamant before taking office about changing Washington but what he meant was changing Washington on his terms.  When the Republicans fought him on issues such as healthcare, he and the Democratic Party turned it to something it wasn’t.  There were and are fundamental differences that are difficult to bridge.  That doesn’t mean the Republicans are the bad guys.  Nor does it mean the Democrats are the bad guys.  It simply means they have two very different visions for America.  The visions are so different, it causes both sides to butt heads more often than not. But one fact is very clear and indisputable, unemployment in this country remains above 8%.  Black unemployment is at 14.4%.  Those are the facts.  So despite the Obama campaign searching for tangential issues, the target must remain squarely on the central issue affecting all Americans; unacceptably high unemployment.

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