Presisent Obama, the Business Community, and a Speech

Historically speaking, Republicans have always been perceived as more friendly to business while the Democrats have been considered more socially conscious.  President Obama himself, was a community activist in Chicago, having never been involved in business.  Let me go on the record as stating that it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s a good thing.  People who help communities at the local level serve a useful purpose for the greater good and they are to be commended.  It doesn’t necessarily mean however, that it’s good for the business community.  In President Obama’s speech yesterday Republicans made a fuss over him stating that business owners didn’t do it alone.  It’s actually a pretty fair statement.  Anyone, who ever built a business must have had some help along the way, be it from banks, parents, employees etc.  The problem with the Presidents speech is it was more an explanation of why the government is owed something as opposed to congratulating business owners and putting the onus on those businesses to get America back to work.  He should have challenged business leaders and stated that the government will lay the groundwork to make that happen and then the rest is up to you.  That would have been enthusiastically embraced.  But he didn’t do that and it would not have gone over well with his base.  He approached the subject from a community organizer standpoint and not from a business owner standpoint.  It makes sense as a community organizer, but not as a President.  In truth, and that is the purpose of this blog, what the President said, wasn’t the worst thing since the attack on Pearl Harbor.  And in fact, not something that we didn’t know about him already.  He was simply stating an opinion that he is entitled to.  If you support the man, you will see it as fairness and a levelheaded approach.  If you oppose the man, it’s an attack on business and the beginning of the end.  Because this is an election year and because he is so divisive, the speech took on a life of its own.  President Obama was swept in to office based on hope and change.  The fact is, he has been able to achieve neither.  Unemployment remains over 8% despite all of the stimulus money poured in to the economy.  It can no longer be blamed on the former President.  President Obama stated in an interview that if he was unable to bring down unemployment three years in to his term, he didn’t deserve re-election.  What made President Reagan so effective, following one of the worst periods in this nations’ history, was his ability to not only make us believe in ourselves and the greatness of this country, but to actually accomplish what he set out to do.  President Obama has had over three years to do this and he has yet to accomplish this goal.

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