Gun Control and Colarado Shootings

President Obama visited Aurora, Colorado yesterday and spoke about the tragedy and the healing process, as he should have.  He also mentioned the issue of gun control, which was to be expected.  Piers Morgan followed that up with a tweet imploring the President to follow through in the fight for tougher gun control laws.  From an emotional standpoint it’s easy to understand how the public could be screaming for stricter gun control laws.  Afterall, this lunatic was able to purchase three guns, one in particular, that could  and would kill and injure many people.  Even as a stong gun ownership supporter, I can understand it.  Afterall, one of the main reasons I started my blog, was to bring a truly, fair and balanced voice to controversial topics.  However, blaming the  Colorado movie theatre massacre on guns is like blaming the Batman movie because a mask was found in his apartment.  It completely misses the point.  This person is an angry, disturbed, maybe crazy, individual who would have found a way to hurt or kill because that’s what he was intent on doing.  The gun might have made it easier but if he wanted to rent a truck and drive it at 70 miles per hour in to the movie crowd exiting the theater, he would have killed and injured many people as well.  So let’s focus on the real issue; what turns someone in to a mass murderer?  In an earlier post I stated that I didn’t care about his past or his motivations.  He’s just a psycho who should be tried, convicted and forgotten.  But I am obligated to keep the discussion focussed on the real issues and not permit the simplest answer, guns, to explain why this happened.  Was he bullied, was he abused by his parents or other family members or friends?  All of those background issues must be explored and will be, as he awaits trial.  As concerning, is what’s become more common; mass public massacres including Columbine in 1999, Virginia Tech in 2007, Eaton Centre a few weeks ago in Toronto and now Aurora.  Is it the fact that most parents work and no one is bringing up our children; the vulnerable kids falling through the cracks?  I certainly don’t have the answer but we better figure it out before these scenarios become even more commonplace.

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