Judo Throw #3 – Ippon Seoinage – One Arm Shoulder Throw

The first two throws I’ve shown were an outer reap and an inner reap.  Ippon Seoinage-One arm shoulder throw, is the first “full hip throw”.  The execution of this throw is considerably different from the prior two except for the need to break balance.  To begin, as in all judo practice, we face off in the standard kumi kata position.  On a right-sided throw, you pull with both arms in order to bring the uki on to the balls of both his feet  At the same time, you step across and plant the right ball of your foot near the right ball of your ukis foot.  You then bring in your left foot and form a “V” with both feet (see illustration).  Now you and your uki are facing the same direction.  Two key points; 1) In order to successfully execute this throw, your obi or belt must be lower than, your ukis. 2) the “V” position of your feet should be close together, not in a wide stance even though it may seem strange and off balanced.   To throw, the uki is pulled onto your back by pulling across with the left arm and locking the ukis right bicep in the crux of your elbow with your right arm.  Your hip needs to be just outside of his so he doesn’t slide off you hip.  Two points; 1) Do not grab the ukis gi with your right hand.  That is incorrect.   2) Always look away on any hip throw.  On a right-sided throw you would look to the left.  It’s almost like following through in a golf swing.  The throw is much more devastating that way.  If executed properly, both ukis feet will be off the ground and he will fall directly in front of you.  In order to help break your ukis fall in practice, pull up on the left arm slightly so he falls on his side as opposed to flat on his back.  In the street however, you would throw your opponent as hard as needed to fend off the attack.

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