Judo Throw #7 – Deashi Harai – Forward Foot Sweep

Deashi Harai is neither a reap or hip throw.  It is a sweep and is very practical in Judo and self-defense.  To begin, the tori and uki start out in kumi kata position.  This throw is often done from the walk when demonstrating, as it translates well when taught in this fashion.  The uki can be walking forwards or backwards.  For our purposes we will assume the uki is walking forwards advancing his right foot.  This is a timing throw because once the uki plants his advancing foot, the throw has failed.  To execute the throw, the tori pulls the uki towards him with the left hand.  Just before he steps with the right foot, the tori sweeps the foot in the direction in which it is moving.  The sweep is executed a split second prior to the uki’s foot touching the ground and is literally swept out from under him.  It’s crucial that the tori pull down hard with the left hand as the sweep is executed.  The uki will fall and slap with the left hand.  Pull up on the arm slightly to help cushion the uki’s fall.  In the street, sweep with enough force to end the attack.

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