China – The Other Evil Empire

In March of 1983, President Ronald Reagan coined the phrase “evil empire” when referring to the former Soviet Union.  He believed the Soviets through the spread of Communism were seeking world domination.  His speech to evangelicals in Orlando, Florida was actually more about religion than world domination, but he made it clear that is was their ultimate goal.  As history would show, Reagan’s unwavering stance, along with a very intelligent and reasonable partner in Mikhail Gorbachev, did lead to the end of Soviet Communism.  The Chinese learned a very important lesson from that and changed their system accordingly.  But make no mistake, while the Chinese recognized that 5 years plans were not the answer to a thriving economy, they were not ready to relinquish political power.  Often lost in the translation of the word Communism is the fact that it’s an economic, not a political system.  Theoretically, a country could be both Communist and Democratic.  It simply has never turned out that way.  Karl Marx, the father of Communism, did not have an issue with wealth.  He had an issue with the exploitation of labor.  If you were a carpenter and you grew trees, cut them down, built furniture and sold it for a large profit, he had no issue with that.  His issue, revolved around a laborer building that same table for a boss and being paid a mere pittance of its worth; separating the worker from his labor.  Remember, when he wrote the manifesto with Engels in 1848, working conditions throughout the world were horrific.  Sweatshop working environments, for lack of a better phrase, were the rule, not the exception.  What we know now, is Communism, because of its lack of incentive, leads to stagnation.  The reason the Soviet’s won the space race and  were able to match us militarily in quantity if not quality, is because the scientists were treated with deference.  They lived in nicer homes.  Their lives were better than the average Soviet citizen’s.  There was reward for their accomplishments.  Members of the Politburo lived in the best homes in Moscow and weren’t waiting in food lines.  Each according to his ability, each according to his need, isn’t a practical methodology.  It kills creativity and incentive.   Jumping back to the Chinese, we have been lulled in to complacency by this awakening giant.  While the world has marveled at the growth of the Chinese economy over the last number of years, China is no freer or Democratic than it was before loosening up the iron grip on her economy.  In fact, China is attempting to introduce a Chinese civic education in to the Hong Kong Public School System.  A booklet which is titled “The China Model”, criticizes countries like the US for their multi-party systems.  Essentially it says the ruling  party has the best interests of the people  at its core.  The “Party” refers to itself as “selfless and united”, “we know what’s best for the people”.  Spoken like any true dictator in any dictatorship.  It’s time we reverse the trend of allowing China to play such a large role in our economy.  We must, as Reagan did thirty years ago, speak the truth and not allow our decisions to be dictated by financial interests.  “We, The People” by our actions, or lack thereof, are condoning the actions of a dictatorship and that is unacceptable.  Do we want to be owned by anyone, let alone a government like China’s?  I for one, am sick of it.  We need to send a clear message to Wall Mart’s of the world.  We need to create a friendly business environment, so manufacturing companies return to our shores.  Boycott products from China on principle.  There companies still manufacturing clothing and other products in this country.  All you have to do is go on-line and find them.  We must end the Chinese financial dominance over us and start holding them to a higher standard or else our words of freedom and justice are simply letters on a page.  The people of Hong Kong are witnessing the beginning of the Chinese takeover of their country, “Their Country”.  Will we stand idly by and let it happen?

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