Chick-fil-A Controversy and Acceptance

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what all of the controversy is about regarding the Chick-fil-A fast food chain.  People in this country are entitled to freedom of speech regardless of whether or not it’s popular.  If the chain refused to serve gay people, that would be a different matter altogether.  But if you don’t like their values or what they stand for, don’t go there.  I completely understand the battle for gay rights in terms of marriage and equality but I don’t understand this need for acceptance.  Who cares if a fast food chicken joint is opposed to gay marriage.  It is their right as citizens of this country; its terrible business but their right.  I was watching the news and saw a woman protester who was outside one of the restaurants say “we want to show Chick-fil-A that LGBT love is just as good, just as valid as heterosexual love”. Why?  If it is just as good, why do you need to justify or prove that to anyone?  At the heart of insecurity is doubt.  If you know your relationship is just as good, that should be enough.  As a Jew I understand there are people who hate me all over the world simply for being Jewish without ever meeting me or knowing who or what I am.  I accept that fact.  My job is not to try convince people to like me.  I can’t force someone to sit down with me who has pre-conceived notions and convince he/she I’m not cheap, that I didn’t kill Jesus personally and all of the other stereotypes that one associates with anti-Semitism.  I like being Jewish.  I don’t hate anyone and I don’t have the desire to convince people to belive what I believe.  I happen to prefer Italian food over traditional Jewish food but lox is pretty good too.  My point here is, all discrimination, prejudice, racism, anti-Semitism, should be met head on and should not and can not be tolerated.  But you can’t force people to change their opinions of you or legislate decent behavior.  That’s just part of living in a free society and I for one, prefer it that way.

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