Judo Throw #9 – Osoto Otoshi – Major Outer Drop

Osoto Otoshi is another great throw, as it is highly effective.  There are 67 Kodokan Judo throws and yet in all the years I have been competing and watching Judo, I have probably not seen more than 20 of them executed in competition for a full ippon.  Some of the more complicated throws are actually better for combat in my opinion than for competitive Judo.  Osoto Otoshi is one of the 20, as it can be executed quickly and efficiently.  To begin, tori and uki hook up in kumi kata position.  This is an outside throw so the tori is either going to step in and break balance (kuzushi) to the right side or left side of the uki.  On the right side, tori steps in fairly deeply with the left foot and plants it to the outside of the uki’s right foot.  Tori then brings thru his right leg and brings his leg up so his thigh is parallel to the ground, (this is not a sweep).  To throw, the tori kicks through the leg of the uki, hitting thigh to thigh.  The kick can best be described as a rear mule kick.  The uki then falls in front, slapping with his left arm.  Pull up on the right arm to lessen the impact of the throw.  In the street, throw as hard as necessary to end the aggression.  Note: In the animation, it shows the tori going to the ground with the uki.  It is not necessary.  In the street, Always avoid the ground if possible.

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