Judo Throw #10 – Osoto Garuma – Major Outer Wheel

Osoto Garuma is another outside throw.  To begin tori and uki hook up in kumi kata position.  On the right side, tori steps in with his left foot and plants it near the right foot of the uki but further outside than in Osoto Gari or Osoto Otoshi.  Tori must leave enough room between them so he can bring the right leg through and pull uki towards him.  The tori must pull hard with the left and push with the right.  Tori then sweeps both legs of the uki so uki is completely air born.  The sweep should catch the far leg of the uki on the hamstring.  Tori pulls up on uki’s left arm to help lessen the impact of the fall.  In the street throw as hard as necessary to end the aggression.  This is a great self-defense throw.

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