Will the Violence in Syria Spill Out into Other Parts of the Middle East?

As videos are surfacing regarding public executions and bodies being thrown off buildings, the world is viewing first hand the brutality that is now taking place inside Syria.  Apparently there is a list of scientists and public officials who are being targeted for execution.  These acts of violence are being perpetrated by the resistance; the so-called “good guys”.   But are there good guys?  Syria is a country long dominated by a cruel family of dictators and at this point there is no way out of an ever-worsening situation.  There are unquestionably Syrians who are fighting to gain freedom from the brutal Assad government but the resistance has changed and grown stronger.  So that raises the question, who makes up the resistance?  Does it include Al Qaeda, seizing the perfect moment to gain a foothold in Syria?  One would be naive not to think that organization has a role to play in what is transpiring there.  If Al Qaeda was able to secure some or all of the chemical weapons, they would be a formidable threat to Israel and the rest of the Middle East.   Speaking of politics making strange bedfellows, the same resistance fighters who were booby trapping the streets in Iraq with IEDs against US forces, are now doing the same in Syria against Syrian forces.  Brother against brother.   President Obama has played a very weak hand and has come up short time and time again when it comes to dealing with corrupt, autocratic governments like Iran, Syria and North Korea.  It’s time for him to deal with the harsh reality of Middle East Politics.  To date he has failed miserably in that part of his foreign policy.   It’s almost as if he has turned his back on the region, only recently sending Secretary of State Clinton to the region.  Too little, too late I’m afraid.  There is always the possibility violence will spill into Lebanon and then Israel creating a wider conflict.  If chemical weapons are an option, will it be exercised?  Should Israel carry out military action against Iran, the situation will turn even more dangerous.  But with Iran’s closest friend preoccupied at the moment, now might be the perfect time for Israel to do just that.

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