The Complexity of Fame

Although the entire planet, seems obsessed with being rich and famous, I fail to see the glamour in it.  Rich I understand, famous?  Why would anyone want to be famous?  Now if you do something great and become famous that’s one thing but if you seek out fame in and of itself, that’s another.  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were destined to become famous because of their accomplishments.  They created things that never existed.  They were two of the brilliant minds of the 20th and 21st century.  Essentially, they changed the world.  Of course people are curious to know who they are.  But that’s not the same fame as actor fame.  Actors, although often shy and reserved, which makes no sense, crave the notoriety even if they often desire it on their terms.  But you can’t be a famous actor, live in Beverly Hills drive a Ferrari and expect only to be followed and hounded when you’re in the mood.  In fact, the courts have said as much.  It’s the price of fame.  However, the paparazzi, the ambulance chasers of the rich and famous, often cross the line and they should be held accountable for their overzealous behavior.  The standard run of the mill photographer who makes a few bucks taking photos of famous people, cut them some slack.   I have asked the question to several people of notoriety over the years about why they don’t make themselves readily available to photographers?  Wouldn’t that make them a much less valuable commodity causing the photographers to look elsewhere for more valuable celebrity shots.  Afterall, so much in world is valued based on its rarity, i.e. coins, stamps, lithographs.  If anyone who wants your photo can take it, it has less worth.  But that’s the most interesting part of fame.  The moment no-one wants you, you’re irrelevant.  Better to be hounded and fight with the press than be irrelevant.  Often you hear actors say that just want to work.  The next great role is not assured but for the few mega-celebrities.  Some famous individuals are so desperate to remain relevent they do crazy or weird things simply to stay in the public eye.  Miley Cyrus for example, just cut off all her hair.  Not a crazy thing to do in and of itself, but done simply so the press would talk about her and take her photograph, essentially keeping her relevent.  Lindsay Lohan has mastered the phrase “better bad press than no press”  It’s sad for these individuals but without the power, money and excitement, fame fades away.  Hence, the oft themed morning shows and magazine articles titled, “where are they now”?

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