The Immortals-Neo-Nazi Group the World needs to Know

Despite the fact that neo-nazi groups are banned in Germany, there appears to be a resurgence of nazi sentiment taking place with German  youth.  These neo-nazi’s refer to themselves as The Immortals.  They wear white masks and march through the streets, generally unannounced.  They have been appearing in the middle of the night with torches much the same way nazi’s did in the 1930’s.  Apparently they are using the internet and social media to organize these campaigns.  There are similarities to the original nazi’s and their movement.  And although relatively small, their numbers have been growing.  Their message is a familiar one, “outsiders are killing Germany”  It’s almost incredible to believe in 2012 with all we know, all the history, something like this could be taking place in the very country that was the birthplace of the most evil regime that has ever existed on earth.  But then again, it isn’t difficult to believe.  While I have no gripe with the people of Germany per se, any decent historian could tell you Germany has a history of violence and was largely responsible for both world wars.  And for reasons, some fair and some unknown, violence finds a home there.  I wrote two papers in graduate school predicting the next World War or massive European conflict would take place when the German economy falters and conditions mirror those prior to the rise of Hitler.  That was a long time ago, but my opinion on the subject has not changed.  The issue now, is how will the German government deal with this new radical movement?  Liberalism is a wonderful idea but it did nothing to save the tens of millions of lives that were lost at the hands of the Nazis.  It’s the reason Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany.  Freedom of speech, even in the US is not absolute.  A person can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded movie theater.  It puts lives in danger.  There are considerations other than an individuals right to spew hate and violence.   If that was the case, anyone could libel or slander without consequences.  So why in the world would speech, referring to ridding Germany of Blacks, Muslims and Jews be protected?  There is no slippery slope argument to made here.  Hate doesn’t need to be given a chance.  Restricting the speech of these hateful, malcontents, misfits, doesn’t put everyone else’s free speech in jeopardy.  The rise of another Hitler will.


2 thoughts on “The Immortals-Neo-Nazi Group the World needs to Know

  1. Fighting against the destruction or your race and country makes you a hateful,malcontent,misfit? Enslaved blacks fighting for thier freedom were hateful,malcontent,misfits? Jews who resisted nazis were hateful,malcontent,misfits?The japanese who keep thier country homogenous are hateful,malcontent misfits?If a mother wolf gets aggressive when her cubs are threatened does that make her a hateful,malcontent,misfit? Just asking so dont put me on the terrorist watch list OK?

    • Steve, Thank you for your comment. I am unsure as to what fighting for your race and country means exactly. But one thing I have definetely learned in my life, people who are happy and satisfied with their existence, don’t hate. And people who blame others for their lots or personal cirumstance, are unintelligent or uneducated and simply can’t compete as men, so they do they only thing they know how to do. They resort to hate and violence. That’s the issue here. There is no such thing as homogenous. Hitler beleived that and wanted to build the master race. Except for one thing, he was an UGLY, TAlENTLESS, LOSER who hated because he also wasn’t good enough to compete with real men. And that, is that.

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