Judo Throw #13 – Tai Otoshi – Body Drop

Tai Otoshi is a neither a hip or inner/outer throw.  It is actually more of a trip while trapping the foot.  To begin, on the right side, tori and uki face each other and hook up in kumi kata position.  The kuzushi, as in all Judo throws is really crucial here.  It can best be described as a “bus-wheel” motion.  Right hand pushes and left hand pulls across and down bringing all of uki’s weight on to his right foot.  At the same time, tori steps across and traps uki’s right foot with his right foot.  It is crucial that the tori’s left foot is out side of uki’s and that his body is not in the way.  Remember, this is not a hip throw so no back or hip should be involved in any way.  To throw, tori pulls uki across his right foot which has been trapped.  Note:  To avoid injury to knee, make sure knee is turned slightly to the inside.  If uki falls on leg, knee will simply bend forward.

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