Jesse Jackson Jr Suffering From “Deep” Depression

There are many different disorders in this country that affect people from all walks of life.  We need to  be sensitive and understanding and help where and when we can.  However, when a politician is diagnosed with bi-polar depression, which is what Jesse Jackson Jr is now suffering from, we need to expect him to step aside and get help.  He has been out of touch with his constituents for months and there is no sign he is coming back any time soon.  His health is the main concern here.  But he also has a duty to his constituents and this country not to bring his mental illness to his job.  His decision not to be straight forward in the first place shows a lack of judgement.  He stated he knew the stigma attached to mental illness and how he would be perceived.  That’s not a good reason and that’s not what men do.  I don’t want to sound insensitive to his plight, but it’ not about him.  He is a public servant and his personal battle is his.  Should we feel sorry for an alcoholic doctor?  I’d prefer to see him out of the profession than operating on someone while drunk.  Mental illness is very sad and very real, but that doesn’t mean we should allow people in positions of power and authority to hold on to those positions so we don’t offend them or create a stigma.  Longtime friend Patrick Kennedy predicted the Congressman will address his constituency, (the least he can do) to inform them of his future plans.  Hopefully he will make the correct decision and step down so he can continue the treatment he obviously requires.

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