Yoko Shiho Gatame – Side Four Quarters

Yoko Shiho Gatame is a mat hold applied against the uki from the side.   Uki lies down in front of tori.  From uki’s right side, tori places arm through the legs of the uki and if possible, grabs the uki’s belt.  This is not always possible if the uki is a very large person.  If uki can’t grab the belt grabbing the gi pants works as well.  The important thing is to get as deep through the legs as possible and to establish a very firm hold on either the belt or gi pants.  The left hand goes around the neck of the uki and grabs his collar.  Tori then places chest against uki’s body leaving NO space.  The more space, the easier the counter.  Tori then buries chin into center of uki’s stomach, just under the sternum.  To execute, everything described must be very tight.  If uki tries to roll away from tori, the tori shoots out his legs to build his base, thereby limiting uki’s ability to roll out.  If uki attempts to turn into tori, the tori brings his knees in tight, thereby limiting the uki’s movement to turn in.  Note: A variation on this hold is instead of the tori grabbing around the uki’s neck, tori goes over the neck with the left hand, under the shoulder and grabs the belt (see illustration).  The tori’s right arm does not change.

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