Kami Shiho Gatame – Upper Four Corner Holding

Kami Shiho Gatame is another fairly simple mat hold.  However, it is difficult to stay in, unless flawlessly executed.  To begin, tori places hands under the shoulder blades of the uki and grabs his belt.  Tori’s elbows must be in tight against uki’s body and forearms should be on the mat.  Tori then presses his chest against the top of the uki’s chest putting pressure straight down through the mat.   Tori brings in knees tightly near uki’s head and presses stomach against head to immobilize his neck.  If uki tries to roll to either side, tori keeps tight hold and body weight on top of uki’s chest and face.  In addition for added stability, tori can shoot legs out, creating large base making it difficult for uki to move and allowing more force to be applied to uki’s face and chest.  If uki manages to move his body in a circular motion, tori moves with him without loosening hold.

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