Three Dead at Supermarket Shooting in New Jersey

Early this morning, a disgruntled supermarket employee left the Pathmark supermarket in which he worked and returned with a handgun and AK-47.  The market is located on Route 9 in Old Bridge, NJ.  The shooting occurred before the store opened at approximately 4:00AM.  Apparently the gunmen got in to an altercation with another co-worker and left the store.  When he returned he had the weapons with him and shot out the windows after employees locked the doors when they saw what was transpiring.  He shot and killed an 18-year-old female and 24-year-old male who are yet to be identified.  He then turned the weapon on himself and took his own life.  The gunmen, Terrence S. Tyler was a former decorated marine and may have had a history of depression and mental illness.

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