Update: Piers Bans Grammer From Show

Update: In reaction to Kelsey Grammar walking off the set, Piers Morgan has banned Grammar from ever again appearing on his show.

One reason I like Piers Morgan is his name has something to do with boating.  But some times he pushes the envelope.  For example, when Robert Blake was on his show he asked him several inappropriate questions regarding the murder of his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley, that were simply asked for sensational purposes.  There was nothing revealing about them.  Showing pictures of Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife during the opening of his show and then stating he wasn’t going to use them is a touch disingenuous.  There’s no way these photos would have been part of the show only to be dismissed during the interview.  While Piers does generally conduct an excellent interview, he should learn something from this incident.  Not all actors have a tough skin.  Some are more sensitive than others, especially when hitting a raw nerve.  Having said that, Kelsey Grammer should have just manned up.  So you hate your ex-wife.  You don’t want to see her or want her name mentioned because the mere thought of her makes you ill.  The fact is, he should have dealt with it, sat for the interview with Piers, and if he was unhappy with the questioning, asked him to move on to another topic.  But you can’t go on a talk show and not expect to be asked such questions.  So stop being a crybaby Kelsey, apologize to Piers and go back on his show.  Let’s just call it a do-over.

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