Duchess Kate Could Put Topless Photos To Good Use

I was having lunch with a close friend at a popular watering hole and the topic of Kate Middleton’s topless photos came up in conversation.  My friend is originally from the UK although he is now a proud American citizen.  After showing him one of the photos on my smart phone, (I’m in the press business, so obviously there was a professional curiosity), we discussed the over-reaction of the Royal family.  Afterall, they’re just breasts, albeit “Royal Breasts”.  He made a great point that instead of making such a fuss, the princess could have used the opportunity to champion the cause of breast health.  With breast cancer running rampant around the world, one of the most famous people on the planet would be in a great position to make a difference.  I certainly couldn’t argue with that logic.  But no sooner did he spout this brilliance, then he had to recant because “the Queen Mum would never allow it”.  So his great idea went for naught.  The Royals do many positives things but they tend to take themselves a little too seriously which is why the photos are so refreshing.  The fuss over them was silly and should not have turned in to the spectacle it did.  Of course this too shall pass and no one will remember or care in a few months.

2 thoughts on “Duchess Kate Could Put Topless Photos To Good Use

  1. Hi Curtis, I must say that I am a bit disappointed with your two last post. Normally, I am looking forward to your post and I like to disagree with you. Now, this is the second post where I fully agree with you.

    I do think that proving that Kate has a female breast is no news at all. Having her naked in the presence of her husband in a private area is no news.

    If the pictures would have been of the queen, would they have been published? I think not.

    To get back to your point, I think that it is a missed opportunity and that the Royals could have taken advantage of it.

  2. Hi Marc, I don’t mean to disappoint but I do feel this issue is much a-do about nothing. Yes she’s a duchess but she’s also just a human being. Kate could have jumped on the chance to turn an issue such as her topless photos and turned it in to a breast awareness campaign. I thought it was a great idea. Thanks Marc

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