Presidential Debate Footnote

As millions of Americans and millions of others around the world watched the Presidential Debate last night, there was one important issue not touched on; our great Democracy at work.  Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican makes no difference.  On the stage in Denver, were two civilized, intelligent, well-spoken Americans vying for the top leadership position of not just America, but of the free world.  Both men, despite some great differences, were cordial and respectful; Romney even apologized if the President took offense at the term “ObamaCare”, a term the President has embraced.  In many other countries around he world there is often uncivil discourse and that may work for those countries, but not here.  That is one of the underlying faults of a parliamentary system.   In a parliamentary Government there can be dozens of different parties and interests who genuinely dislike each other.  The individual needs takes precedent over the country’s needs and that’s too bad.  Following the debate, both the President’s family and Mitt Romney’s family stood together, talked and laughed.  It should have been a proud moment for every citizen of this country.  I have read much on the history of this country including every one of the Federalist Papers, several times, (not a fast read).  The likelihood of this country becoming one unified Republic, was nothing short of miraculous, almost being torn apart at the seams by Civil War.  With all of our differences and with the great divide that separates liberals and conservatives today, we must never lose sight that we are all brothers and sisters who want nothing more than what’s best for our families and our nation.  God Bless The United States of America.

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