GM To Begin Production Of Electric Cadillac (ELR)

GM has announced plans to build an electric version of the Volt under the Cadillac nameplate.  This of course is a very intelligent, well thought out, decision.  While the Chevy car buyer might not be willing or able to shell out the $37,500 after the government rebate on a Volt, the Cadillac buyer would not have the same misgivings or limitations, as long as the ELR is a great car.  GM is investing thirty-five million dollars to expand its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant, which is where it will build the ELR, along with the Volt.  The expansion of the powertrain and platform  to other models is a great move for GM and will allow it to expand the technology which should aid in reducing the cost.  The other important part of the equation is GM’s committment to this technology.  As I have previously written, the Volt, is the wave of the future.  It’s not just a great electric car, it’s a great car by any standards.  It’s the reason Volt owners have been the most satisfied car owners, two years in a row.  The interior and features are everything one would want in an electric car.  It’s packed with technology and information.  In addition it’s fairly quick off the line when you drive it in sport mode.  These cars have a one speed transmission, low-end torque and no downshift.  It’s not like driving slow hybrids like the Prius which is slower than any car should ever be.  I rented one last year and was disappointed by its lackluster performance despite its great gas mileage.  The idea behind this electric technology is to wean us off fossil fuel, help the environment and not sacrifice performance.  I’ve had the car over eighty and it was far from tapped out.  If this powertrain in a Cadillac can be tuned to make it go even faster, GM will have a really fun car to drive.

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