Lance Armstrong Resigns As Livestrong Chairman

Lance Armstrong has still never admitted wrongdoing in the doping allegations but continues to experience the fallout.  Right after resigning from his charity, Nike severed ties with Armstrong,”due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade”.  Armstrong said he didn’t want the controversy and ongoing investigation to effect his charity.  However, there is still no irrefutable evidence he ever doped and statements from his ex-teammates, need to be scrutinized.  Travis Tygart, USADA Chief Executive called the testimony of Armstrong’ teammates courageous.  I call it dishonorable and cowardly, because there is no way for Armstrong to defend himself, other than the lack of scientific evidence although the report does claim there is some scientific evidence.  However, Armstrong took hundreds of drug tests during his competitive years of cycling, all of which came up negative.   I am not ignorant nor am I blind, but I am sensitive to a situation that appears to be a witch-hunt.  If, as the United States Anti Doping Agency states in the report it released last week detailing allegations of widespread doping by Armstrong and his teammates from 1999 to 2005, why was this report just released now, seven years after Armstrong’s last win?  Is the USADA expecting us to believe until recently it had absolutely no idea what was happening, when year after year, Armstrong completely dominated the Tour De France?  Even in 1999 there was random drug testing being administered and a doping scandal in 1998, one year prior to the start of his seven consecutive Tour de France wins.   This was taken from a 2004 article from the AP after Armstrong’s sixth consecutive win in 2004, “Armstrong opened a new page for the Tour in 1999, just one year after the race faced its worst doping scandal, ejecting the Festina team after police caught one of its employees with a stash of drugs”.  It would have been very risky for Armstrong to blood dope at that point, understanding the ramifications, and at a time when this scandal was fresh in everyone’s mind.  Again, other than his teammate’s testimony, where is the real evidence?  His teammates were also competitors, none of whom ever achieved the stature of Armstrong, even though they too were doping, according to testimony.  What we do know, is the USADA has decided to make Armstrong the face of doping and with that, the scapegoat.

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