Bruce Springsteen Endorses President Obama

Bruce Springsteen’s endorsement of President Obama is of course no surprise.  He is just another of the entertainment elite’s who supports our President.  Springsteen endorses him because he believe’s Obama is the best person to lead the country and drive it forward.  He agrees with the President’s stance on gay rights and women’s rights.  He agrees with his ending the war in Iraq and the hunting down and killing of Bin Laden.  OK, up until this point, I can understand his reasoning.  However, when he begins discussing economic inequalities, he needs to stay out of the discussion.  Springsteen went on to say the division of wealth in this country is a great issue and Obama “is our best choice to begin to reverse this harmful development.”  What does a man, as wealthy as Springsteen, know about division of wealth?  When Springsteen sells his mansions and cars and gives the money to the poor and moves in to a two bedroom apartment, I will completely support his argument.  Until that time however, he should keep his mouth closed.  What is even more disturbing however, is that people who are unemployed in Ohio and living day-to-day will buy in to this nonsense.  They will see the so-called “boss” as one of them.  He feels their pain, right up until the time he gets back in to his limo and heads to his Presidential suite.  I’m not knocking wealth in any way.  It’s one of the things that makes this country great.  Everyone, if that’s what interests them, should have that opportunity.  I’m also not suggesting that people as wealthy as the Hollywood and Music elites(one percenters) can’t relate to the 99%, I’m just saying it’s easy to speak, and very easy to be liberal when the topic you discuss, doesn’t relate to you in any way.  As an example, people who fly first class don’t mind flying.  It’s because they never wait on a security lines and while everyone else is squeezing in to those miserable seats, first class fliers are sipping Champagne.  Of course they can relate to what looks like a miserable experience when arriving at the airport but that’s about it.  In LAX (Los Angeles) there’s a separate first class line that takes you up an escalator to a separate check in.  There are often actors and actresses moving seamlessly through security and it’s a rather pleasant experience.  To then discuss all the people waiting on huge security lines, and stating how they can relate to them, would be totally disingenuous.  There’s an old Jewish saying that loosely translated says, my neighbors pain is easy to take.  Bruce should be spending more time in the studio and less time on the campaign trail as his most recent Album “Wrecking Ball” should have been the victim of one.

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