Yet Another Republican Candidate Exposes His Stupidity

First there was Akin, then Broun, now there’s Mourdock.  Richard Mourdock, who’s running for US Senate from the state of Indiana stated at a debate, that pregnancies as a result of rape were intended by God.  Staying with that logic, it naturally follows if the baby is the will of God then the rape is the will of God.  I would hate to think, God condones rape.  Here we have the latest Republican spewing religious nonsense, which has no place in a political campaign.  Perhaps if it was his wife or daughter who was raped, he might have a different view.  It’s absolutely incredible how these lunatics in the Republican party continue to shoot themselves in the feet.  Murdock did release a statement saying, “God does not want rape, and by no means was I suggesting that He does. Rape is a horrible thing, and for anyone to twist my words otherwise is absurd and sick”.  The GOP candidates must start thinking before they speak.  Perhaps in a conservative, anti-abortion state like Indiana it’s ok, but it doesn’t play well to a large group of Americans who believe medical procedures should be a private matter between patients and doctors.  Isn’t that supposedly what Republicans believe when arguing against the Affordable Care Act(Obamacare).  So to Mourdock, Akin, Broun and all of the religious fanatics out there, abortion is never going way.  It’s a serious and necessary medical procedure, and should not be subject to religious intolerance.  Perhaps Saudi Arabia is the country for these three gentlemen.  Human rights are completely controlled by the government and royal family.  There is no Bill of Rights.  What’s so wrong and inconsistent with the religious right, is they don’t want government controlling their lives unless it serves their purpose.  This country should look to Canada as a guide regarding religion and politics.  Canada, is a very religious, Catholic country.  Good Friday, is a national holiday.  However, if religion or God is brought in to the political arena by a candidate running for office, he/she can not win the election.  Canadians do not mix religion and politics; something we should learn from our friends to the North.

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