60th Annual Twenty-Five Year Club Dinner

Last evening was the 60th annual 25 Year club industry dinner rasing money to help the magazine industry’s own, who have fallen on hard times and need assistance.  Since its founding, more than $5,000,000 in aid has been distributed.  For the past nine years, the dinner has been known as the Frank E. Herrera Memorial dinner in honor of Frank Herrera, the President of Hearst Distribution Group (HDG) who passed away in 2002 of a heart attack, at the age of sixty-six.  There was a large turnout with over two-hundred people in attendance. Richard Jacobson, President of Time Warner Retail was the honoree, recognized for his long time support of the 25 Year Club. He was introduced by his close friend Paul Benjamin of Benjamin News based in Montreal, Canada.  With fewer and fewer industry functions, it was a great opportunity to see, and mingle with old friends.

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