Ohio Governor Predicts Romney Win

The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich (R) predicted on “Meet the Press” that not only would Mitt Romney win in Ohio, but the Presidential Election as well.  Kasich said in private polls, Romney was leading. He even went so far as to say, “I’m not sure the election’s going to be as close as what everybody is talking about today”.  Ohio will be a difficult state for Romney to win because the liberal media, along with the Obama campaign has been successful in convincing voters that Romney wanted to see the auto industry go out of business.  The New York Times ran an op-ed piece titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”.  In the interest of presenting only the facts, what Romney said was quite different than what was presented.  In fact, GM DID go bankrupt.  What Mitt Romney correctly stated however, is that it’s not the Government’s job to bail out companies.  Romney simply wanted GM to go through the proper channels.  The US Government cannot be in the business of bailing out every company that files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, even GM.  Why, because, 1) the Government is not a bank and 2) there is huge risk involved.  If GM shares were to slide, we could potentially be in far worse shape than if we had never bailed them out.  In hindsight, perhaps history will show it was the correct decision, but more time is needed to discover whether that will be a truthful statement.  Those are the facts.  I don’t know whether Romney has been able to make that clear as he’s traveled through the Buckeye state continually over the past week.  One thing Romney is acutely aware of, no Republican candidate has ever won a Presidential election without winning Ohio.  So whatever happens in the other so-called swing states, if history means anything, should Romney lose in Ohio, he will lose the election.  Nine days until we find out.

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