Texas Wins Another Battle Against Planned Parenthood

Texas, the execution state of these United States, has won a battle in Court refusing funding to Planned Parenthood.  It’s ironic that the state with the most number of executions, claims to be on the side of life.  While most people think about abortion when referring to Planned Parenthood because of these court battles, Planned Parenthood provides many other healthcare related services, particularly to low-income women.  A federal appeals court refused to grant a hearing to the organization that attempted to stave off Texas’ decision not to fund Planned Parenthood affiliates.  The Texas Women’s Health Program in particular,  provides family planning, including contraception to more than 130,000 women.  Rick Perry, former Presidential Candidate and Texas Governor, was thrilled with the decision.  In response Perry said, “Today’s ruling affirms yet again that in Texas the Women’s Health Program has no obligation to fund Planned Parenthood and other organizations that perform or promote abortion. In Texas we choose life, and we will immediately begin defunding all abortion affiliates to honor and uphold that choice”.   Men like Rick Perry have another agenda.  Obviously it begins with religious fanaticism but then morphs in to an issue of power and control.  If states are permitted to skirt the law of the landmark decision, Roe V Wade, it erodes not only the decision but the legitimacy of the Court.  More importantly, taking it to the next level, this desire of being able to separate women from their reproductive rights is about a hatred of women, misogyny in its purest form.  The issue of reproduction needs to be separated from the political agenda and should simply be part of what is necessary for female healthcare.  Why are there never rules or guidelines for male reproduction?  It’s because men still hold the majority of power in this country, and will continue to do so until people, particularly women, demand a change. The government should have absolutely  no control and no voice when it comes to very personal decisions between doctors and patients.

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