Benghazi – President Obama’s Watergate?

As we now know, the President and his administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, became aware the Benghazi attack was terrorism, two hours after it happened.  According to Jack Cafferty of CNN “a government e-mail from the State Department shows a Libyan group called Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack on Facebook and Twitter. The group denied responsibility the next day.”  This President and his administration refused to recognize the assault and murders, as a terrorist attack, despite the September 11th, anniversary.  Shouldn’t that have been his first thought?  Instead, President Obama believed the attack on the embassy was related to the ridiculous video about Islam, although he did refer to the Benghazi attack as an act of terror, but for the wrong reason.  That’s how he hoped to absolve himself; by the fact he used the word terrorism.  The definition of terrorism is an indiscriminate act of killing.  Any attack can be terrorism but this attack was clearly due to the 9-11 anniversary and hatred of America.  So he’s either naive or ignorant but that’s not the real issue here.   Mistakes happen and unfortunately, in this case, it cost four embassy personnel, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, their lives.   The larger issue, is that the administration attempted to cover it up.  Republican members of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee released e-mails from Ambassador Chris Stevens and diplomatic security personnel, that spoke of a rapidly deteriorating security situation in Benghazi in the days and months leading up to the September 11 attack.  The President made errors by refusing to beef up security or pulling them out altogether, as the British did.  I’m sure he’s miserable about it, and he must live with that, as his response to Mitt Romney in the second debate demonstrates.  However, it says something about President Obama that he believed a poorly produced video caused this attack rather than opportunistic terrorists.  His concern about how we’re perceived in the world clouded his judgement and that’s a huge flaw in his personality. In addition, it showed great weakness, as the President must first be concerned about his personnel and the country before worrying about our reputation in the world.  Attempting to cover it up, was the final nail in the coffin.  This is an issue Mitt Romney should be raising time and again during the final week of the campaign.

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