The Economy Should Be The Number One Issue When Voting On November 6th

President Obama is seeking re-election with an unemployment rate of 7.9%.  If the Republicans had a heavy hitter on the ticket, this race wouldn’t be a contest.  One thing Romney does understand however, is business.  In two days, voters go to the polls and in all likelihood will re-elect President Obama because he speaks a great game and people know what they have at this point; for better or worse.  What people aren’t comprehending, is what’s coming next.  The unemployment rate will drop over the next couple of months as seasonal hiring occurs.  That will however be temporary and retailers pay minimum wage, so that isn’t the kind of help this economy needs.  It’s a band-aid for an economy that requires stitches.   Following the holidays, unemployment will jump over 8% as these temporary employees are released, the Bush tax cuts expire and more provisions of Obamacare kick in. President Obama doesn’t have an agenda that will help this country financially which is the single most important issue that faces us.  People point to the social agenda and women’s rights, as reasons not to vote for Romney, but even with the tea party and social conservatives, more states appear ready to accept gay marriage.  As the older generation dies off, so will the ultra conservative, ultra religious agenda.  I have confidence this country will not be marching backwards socially.  President Obama wants to build a large and strong middle class.   Everyone can agree on that but how does he accomplish this?  It’s not by penalizing families making more than $250,000 a year.  Ask a family in New York, where houses in many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, (Manhattan Beach, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, Dyker Heights, Park Slope) cost over one million dollars, if that’s a lot of money.  It may be a lot in Mississippi, but not in New York.  Redistribution won’t solve any of our financial issues and will only make them worse.  Do middle class people create jobs, no.  Does the government create jobs?  Well yes, but by taking money from one pot and placing it in another pot.  Businesses create jobs.  Entrepreneurs create jobs.  Assisting them, lowering the highest corporate tax rate in the world will help bring jobs back to our shores.  The reason companies ship jobs overseas is because it’s attractive for them to do so; because other countries are smarter than we are and would rather have the jobs than charge insane tax rates.  The more people working, the more tax revenue collected.  It’s that simple.  Our community organizer, “inexperienced in business” president, has no clue and therefore must rely solely on his advisors.  We should have a real problem with that.  He’s not a businessman and that’s what’s required.  One need not look further than the financial health of NYC to understand why the city is doing well financially, Michael “Billionaire” Bloomberg.  His administration proposed a balanced budget for 2102-2013.  He sometimes makes errors as a politician but I’d rather have that, then a savvy politician with no business skills.  This economy, regardless of what the President says, is clearly not moving forward.  And how do I know that? Regardless of all the data out there, I live it everyday.  I travel to different cities to meet with business people, clients  I speak to retailers in the airports where sales are down drastically.  Fewer companies are flying their management teams to meet face to face with clients because businesses can’t justify it.  There is a wait and see attitude.  If Romney is able to win this election, that single act alone, will cause the confidence of companies to rise and could be enough to build serious momentum in this weak recovery.  President Obama doesn’t deserve four more years simply based on 7.9%.  What’s astounding is people are still hurting financially, (blacks and Latinos particularly hard hit) and yet that doesn’t seem to be the number issue on the agenda or the President would be trailing by 10% in the polls.

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