The New “Human” Romney Campaigns in Cleveland

Even though Cleveland is a Democratic stronghold, Mitt Romney is attempting to win any possible undecided voters.  Speaking to a rally of enthusiastic supporters, Romney asked voters not to listen to the speeches, rhetoric and negative commercials, but rather the record of Barack Obama.  He said 7.9% unemployment is not a step in the right direction.  In fact, unemployment is higher now than when he took office.  Not wanting to simply go over Obama’s or Romney’s record again, there is one positive change that Romney is now doing that may be too little too late.  Mitt Romney is actually speaking to Americans as another American.  He is speaking as a citizen concerned about the country, not as a billionaire businessman teaching us something.  If there was one knock on Romney that could not be disputed, it was his very plastic appearance and stiff, cold and almost disingenuous speeches.  There was something unfriendly and distant about the man.  Then, lo and behold, at the first Presidential Debate, he found himself.  He found a warmth a connection to the American people.  Today’s speech was a continuation of that.  One advantage President Obama has always maintained is his ability to connect with people.  He has the trust of his supporters.  Record be damned.  Romney was never able to find that trust and connection.  At last he has but is it too little, too late?  We will soon find out.

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