October Volt Sales Breaks Record

The October sales results are in and once again the Chevy Volt broke a sales record with 2,961 units sold.  In September, GM sold 2,851 Units and Year to date, the Volt has sold 19,309 units.  It appears there is growing momentum and after the recent gas shortage and long gas lines, in the Northeast following Hurricane Sandy, sales should continue to improve.  It certainly won’t surprise anyone if Volt sales break the 3,000 unit barrier for the first time in November.  Let me point out that at current sales levels, there are still not enough cars being sold to be profitable, but this is a long-term project and should be given the time needed to gain a foothold.  According to Kevin Bullis there has been a “more-than-$2-billion-dollar push by the U.S. government to help companies build advanced lithium-ion battery factories in the United States. But the companies that built those plants are struggling, in part because of lower than expected sales of cars like the Volt.”  Despite that fact, there will be a new battery production facility in Holland, Michigan that will be building batteries as opposed to having them manufactured in South Korea.  As more car companies are introducing electric vehicles, as they become more mainstream and as the EV infrastructure grows, battery plants should become profitable.

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