Microsoft At Last Offers Credible Alternatives To Apple

For those who don’t believe the sun revolves around Apple, and prefer a PC to a Mac, there is finally some hope.  Microsoft has at last jumped in to the ring with Apple and has, for the first time, a real shot at gaining market share.  The Microsoft stock price has been stagnant for years with very little excitement or reason to move the needle.  In addition to the new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has introduced the Surface tablet and will soon release its Windows Phone 8.  All three devices will run the Windows 8 operating system which will allow for compatibility whether using a laptop, tablet or phone.   As a PC user, I have never been fond of the Mac, probably because it’s what I’m used to.  But more than that, I’ve never appreciated the Apple Monopoly.  Yes, Apple revolutionized the world of technology but it has been very clever in its marketing approach.  The fact that Mac’s prices are so tightly controlled, is troubling in and of itself.  Of course it has that power, due to its behemoth size.  If Microsoft, can grow its tablet, and phone business, it would at last force Apple to play the game of capitalism of supply and demand and prices of its hardware would be pressured to compete.  The Windows Surface is a solid addition to the tablet market although it does not yet have the number of apps available that will enable it to compete head on with Apple.  Microsoft is hard at work in an attempt to catch up.  The Windows phone 8 as reviewed, appears to be a considerable leap forward from the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and 7.8.  Microsoft 8 is everything it was hyped to be, despite a few glitches.  The only question remaining, is, will the sales of the Surface and Phone 8, be enough to spoil the Apple?

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