Israeli Conflict With Gaza Becoming Critical

There has been a serious escalation in the ongoing border conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Hamas claimed it fired a one thousand pound Iranian made Fajr rocket, which would be a major escalation of the ongoing conflict.  If that’s the case, Hamas would be able to reach further inside Israel with larger, more dangerous rockets, making Israel far more vulnerable.  Three Israeli’s were killed when a rocket struck their building.  They were looking out the window of their apartment building instead of seeking shelter.  According to Hamas, the rocket attack was in retaliation to Israel assassinating Hamas’s military mastermind Ahmed Al-Jaabari and subsequent shelling, that killed thirteen people, including five militants, three children and a pregnant woman. More than 100 Gazans were wounded. What Hamas didn’t mention, is one hundred rockets were fired in to Israel in five days preceding the killing of AL-Jaabari, which was retaliation for those rocket attacks.  Of course there are three sides to every story.  Israel will never tolerate this escalation and will bring all the forces to bare on Hamas and Gaza, which is not a good thing, as non-combatants, (women and children) will pay the worst price.  With Egypt no longer the staunch supporter of Israel it once was under Mubarak, it will be interesting to see the roll the Egyptians play in this conflict.  Believing there is common sense there, even without Mubarak, there is no benefit to Egypt’s involvement.  In terms of the West Bank, there will be words of encouragement but for Fatah, this is an opportunity.  There is no love lost between Hamas and Fatah and Fatah wouldn’t be disappointed if Israel did away with the current Hamas leadership, leaving it the only legitimate Palestinian Authority.  Politics and war, makes strange bedfellows.  The UN held an emergency meeting to discuss the escalation, but took no action.  Israel, anticipating a drawn out campaign, dropped leaflets in to Gaza, warning people to stay clear of militants and Hamas targets.   President Obama needs to become involved before this situation gets out of control.  He has been as hands off on Middle East politics as any President in my lifetime and that is unacceptable.  Mr President, if you can bring the two sides together, I’m sure they’re be another Nobel Prize in it for you.

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