Unfortunately Hamas Can’t See The Big Picture

Unfortunately for the Hamas leadership, hatred clouds its judgement.  Hamas can not win a conflict with Israel and the only outcome will be more death and destruction.  Hamas is now firing longer range, Iranian rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Israel will do whatever it takes to stop it.  If Hamas chooses to never recognize the right of existence of Israel, it will never offer anything to its people but more of the same.  As Israel is massing troops in preparation for a ground assault, Hamas should be looking at ways to de-escalate the tensions.  That’s what any sane government would do.  If the hope is to gain public support by fighting in population centers, thereby causing death to innocent civilians, it’s strategy shows a lack of concern for the lives of its citizens.  The other Arab states won’t want to be drawn in to this conflict because they have learned there is nothing to gain.  So what should the Hamas strategy be?  The only hope for not just Hamas but for Fatah as well, is to cease all aggression, build an infrastructure, educate the young people, (not just religious education but science and math) and win global consensus.  Then the Israeli’s would have no choice but to come to the negotiating table.  It’s the only way the legitimate claims of the Palestinians will ever be validated.   As Albert Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.  This is simply more of the same from the last twenty, plus years.  The Israeli’s had a parter in peace with Anwar Sadat, which is why they returned the Sinai and until recently, had a strong and peaceful relationship with Egypt.  Sadat and Mubarak for that matter, understood the real threat to Egypt came from Arab Countries (Syria and Iran) not from Israel.  What that proved, was peace with Israel is achievable.  Peace negotiations are the only solution to this ongoing conflict.  Although a ground war is all but inevitable, the government’s in the region, along with the United States should be earnestly searching for a solution before it’s too late to turn back.  One thing must be very clear, you don’t negotiate with people who want you dead.  That’s not a starting point for any legitimate negotiations.  Hopefully someone will step forward and end this conflict before the Palestinians and Israelis start handing out the body bags.

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