French Girl Found Alive Following High Speed Car Chase

A French teenager, missing since November 9, has been found alive.  Fifteen year old Chloe Rodriquez disappeared from Barjac in the Gard region of Southern France.   Her parents alerted police when she never arrived at her friend’s house after leaving on her scooter.  Instead, the scooter was found near the family home with all of her belongings except her helmet and cellphone.  A series of fortuitous events occurred that saved the teenage girls life.  According to German police, they received a call that a man had broken into a car to steal a laptop.  The caller was able to describe the man and the car, which police were able to follow.  He engaged police in a high-speed car chase that ended when he hit another vehicle.  The driver of that vehicle is thought to be in critical condition.  Following the accident the driver was able to flee on foot but was quickly apprehended by police and arrested. Once in custody, officers searched the trunk of his car and discovered a tied up and badly shaken Chloe, but still alive. The man’s name was not released but lived in the same region as Chloe Rodriquez.  The only information available on the kidnapper, is that he is a sex offender, who, in May of 2009, was convicted of physically and sexually assaulting six women.  Like Chloe, those women were traveling alone, either by foot or bicycle when the attacks occurred.  In May of 2009 a sexual predator is jailed for assaults on six women and 3 1/2 years later he’s back on the street.  That’s a serious problem and one that the French judge should have to answer for.  Having had the unfortunate opportunity to write about sexual predators in the past, most recently the brutal murder of Jessica Ridgeway in Colorado, when will liberals begin protecting our children?  Sexual predators can not be cured.  There is not a single, legitimate psychiatrist  who would say otherwise.  It’s no different than if they were serial killers and in some cases they are.  They are sick beyond help and must be either locked away permanently or executed.  Otherwise, the message is, the life of one sick, defective individual is worth more than the lives of six innocent women.  That math simply doesn’t add up.  In this case, by luck and luck alone, a fifteen year old is once again home safe, with her parents.

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