Paula Broadwell Hires PR Firm Glover Park Group

Paula Broadwell has enlisted the high-profile Glover Park Group to help her navigate through the fallout of her affair with General Petraeus, as first reported by Ad Age.  Broadwell is being investigated by the FBI after classified information was discovered on her personal computer. However, both she and Petraeus have told investigators that neither shared any security secrets.  Ms Broadwell had given authorities permission to search her home.  Broadwell was an army reserve officer involved in military intelligence which means she had a higher level of security clearance.  It has since been suspended and could be revoked if it’s found she mishandled sensitive documents which are strictly regulated.  In addition, she could face criminal charges, depending on what’s uncovered in the investigation.  While is appears there is some impropriety, nothing extraordinary will come of this investigation.  Even so, it seems strange that she should be hiring a high-powered PR firm as opposed to high-powered law firm.  She no doubt has a plan, which should lead us to believe she’s unconcerned about any criminal ramifications and more concerned about the personal fallout.  What she fails to grasp, is no one really cares about this woman, other than the fact her story makes for high drama.  An affair with a four star general is an intriguing story.  Broadwell has now gone home to North Carolina to be with her family, and no will doubt attempt to put her life back together.  If there’s a positive for her, it’s the book she’ll write, when all of this blows over.

2 thoughts on “Paula Broadwell Hires PR Firm Glover Park Group

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    • Thank you for your comments. I do generally try to stay away from personal opinions, but there are times I feel it’s appropriate. I do appreciate the feedback and will certainly take it in to consideration.

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