Woman Posts Disrespectful Photo On Facebook Near Tomb Of The Unknowns

A woman is catching the wrath of Americans after posting a disrespectful photograph of her, near the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.  An online campaign has been initiated, calling for her to lose her job.  Lindsay Stone, a visitor from Cape Cod was photographed near the sign, asking for “silence and respect”, faking a scream.   The location is hallowed ground and most adults are intelligent and mature enough to heed that call.  In addition to it being disrespectful, it’s a poor attempt at humor.  It’s just not funny. However, calls for her to be dragged through the town square are a little over the top.  Stone’s father apologized for her insensitivity and said she meant no disrespect.  Despite her lack of judgement, she has the right to express herself.  What she did is not illegal and clearly protected by the First Amendment.  Must the digital world jump on every stupid act simply because social media makes it quickly and readily available?  I suggest those who are campaigning to have her fired, find a better, more productive way to spend their time.  There is little doubt she has learned a valuable lesson and will never attempt anything like that in the future.  So let’s move on to the next pariah.

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