After Receiving Praise Morsi Attempts Power Grab

After receiving praise from both Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu for his mediation during the Hamas, Israeli crisis, Morsi has attempted to consolidate power by removing and replace the prosecutor general, which the judiciary said exceeded the powers of the President.  According to The Guardian, the most senior judges “have condemned President Mohamed Morsi for granting himself sweeping new powers which they say amount to an “unprecedented assault” on the independence of the judiciary.”  For his part, Morsi said his expanded powers would help speed up the transition from Mubarak’s rule to a new democratic government.  The liberal parties were not accepting that explanation saying, the expanded powers are “fascist and despotic”.  In addition, the liberal Dustour Party said, “we are facing a historic moment in which we either  complete our revolution or we abandon it to become prey for a group that has put  its narrow party interests above the national interest”.  Despite the ouster of Mubarak, the common enemy of most Egyptians, there is great mistrust between the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and more liberal factions.    As the new Constitution is being drawn, there has been increasing tension and mistrust.  The fundamental differences between the Islamists and liberals threatens to throw the country back into conflict.  What this all boils down to is Islamist rule in Egypt and a return to a more repressive government.  Mubarak and his iron rule replaced by Morsi and his Iron rule.  It is strange timing however.  Although the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas seems to be holding it is tenuous at best.  There was so much to be gained for Morsi and building international consensus and legitimacy with his successful mediation, so what possible reason could he have for making this announcement at this time?  It clearly makes no sense but what in the Middle East ever does?

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