Is Syria in Possession of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?

USA - Iraq - Politics - Secretary of State Colin Powell

In February of 2003, on the eve of the Iraqi invasion, Colin Powell spoke at the UN explaining to the International community about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.  If they possessed those weapons, they were in direct violation of UN resolutions.  He showed photos and gave in-depth detail about how they knew they existed.  This was the basis and final evidence the Bush administration, Congress and the public needed, to back an invasion.  Colin Powell, a four star general at the time and brilliant strategist, believed strongly that the Iraqi’s were in possession of chemical weapons.  In fact, the administration and Congress had irrefutable evidence they existed.  It was confirmed by two very close contacts, (FBI and CIA) who told me directly, following the invasion, they saw all the evidence and knew without question, the Iraqis possessed these weapons.  If that’s the case, where did they go?  The belief at the time, and what I was told, was they were shipped out under the cover of darkness to either Iran or Syria.  Both countries share long borders with Iraq.  Fast forward to the present.  There has never been mention of chemical weapons being produced in Syria, despite the fact Syria has been on the state sponsored terror list since its inception on December 29, 1979.  This week, according to US officials, “the Syrian Government had told its Chemical Weapons Corps to be prepared”.  U.S. officials had long believed that the Syrian government was stockpiling banned chemical weapons before it acknowledged possessing them this summer.  “US officials had long believed”, meaning they were unsure.  Are we to believe Syria managed to keep such an extensive chemical weapons production program a secret for all of these years?  They produced Mustard gas, Sarin, tabun and hydrogen cyanide and no one knew?  Or does it make more sense that Syria was hiding the deadly materials and is just now producing them in a last-ditch effort for Assad to hold on to power, even if it means killing thousands of his own people.  Syria is one of only seven countries that hasn’t ratified the 1992 Chemical Weapons Convention, the arms control agreement that outlaws the production, stockpiling and use of such weapons.  Everyone will draw their own conclusions but this is logic, backed by fact, not a conspiracy theory.  All those, who said, the Bush Administration made up the story of chemical weapons so he could invade and finish off what his father failed to complete, are simply misguided.  As Syria is loading the deadly and illegal materials in to bombs to use against its own people, it’s crucial these facts come to light.

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