Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiao In Round 6


One of the great things about boxing is despite the odds, anything can happen.  That’s exactly what happened at last night’s sold out MGM arena. Through round five, both men had put the other one down once and the fight was very close, with most boxing experts, and as it turned out the judges, having Manny leading by 47-46.  Then came the sixth round. There were some vicious exchanges with both men clearly looking for a knockout or at least attempting to hurt the other man.  As Marquez said after the fight, “I knew Manny could knock me out at any time”.  But the one thing about being aggressive in a fight, is you must leave yourself open.  No one is capable of throwing a barrage of punches without exposing oneself.  At 2:59 of the sixth and final round, Manny Pacquiao left himself exposed and worse, never saw the incoming punch from Marquez.  Manny was down on the canvas, out cold, for almost two minutes and was awakened by smelling salts.  It was a scary moment as Manny’s wife was crying from fear.  To a boxing aficionado however, it was a moment in time to reflect on why we love the sport.  After one terrible fight and another more exciting, although nothing to write home about fight, the night ended on a high note.  Manny Pacquiao is clearly not the fighter he once was.  He has lost a step and as a fighter who had something to prove, just didn’t have the defensive skills to avoid some big punches.  If Freddie Roach truly cares about his fighter, he will tell him to hang up his gloves.  Manny Pacquiao can take his $20 million dollars that he earned from last night’s fight and his brilliant career, and dedicate his life to serving the people of the Philippines.  He simply has nothing more to prove.  No one would want to see a Pacquiao, Mayweather fight at this point.  The time has come and gone.  Mayweather beat up Marquez badly, so there’s no reason to believe a Pacquiao that can be knocked out by Marquez would have any chance against Mayweather.  Furthermore, no one wants to see him take any more punishment.  Thanks for the memories Manny.  It’s been a great ride.

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